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2014 record year for rhino poaching

New figures have confirmed that 2014 was South Africa’s worst year ever for rhino poaching, with a total of 1,215 rhinos being poached; an average of more than three animals per day or 100 per month. 

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news/2010_jan/turtle_dove Historic decision to allow a referendum about hunting in Malta

Birdlife Malta has reported on the Maltese Constitutional Court’s recent positive decision to allow a referendum on spring hunting to take place.


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news/Bearded_tit Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust launches a 10-point manifesto for protecting our remaining wetlands

The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust recently launched its Wetland Manifesto at a reception at the Houses of Parliament.

MPs, peers and business leaders heard how protecting our remaining wetlands can help our health, the economy and the public purse.

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Read some of the latest features from the writers of Wild Travel magazine 


Don’t miss out on The Gambia – part 1

It would be a pity to deny yourself an amazing holiday amongst the unique wildlife and friendly people of the West African country of Gambia simply because of an unfounded fear of Ebola, says Sheena Harvey. In this first part she visits the reserves closest to the Gambian coastline  Read more...

Queensland rainforest encounters

Stephen Moss explores the rich habitat and engaging wildlife in one special corner of the Australian state of Queensland  Read more...

Thandi: A survivor’s story

Very few rhinos survive having their horns poached, but in the Eastern Cape of South Africa one lucky individual fights on. Sophie Stafford tells Thandi’s incredible true story and asks what it will take to stop the killing   Read more...

Don't miss out on the Gambia - part 2 

In the second part of her trip to the amazing West African country of The Gambia, Sheena Harvey travels up river to find chimpanzees, hippos and the biggest owl she has ever seen. Read more...


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Every week we will feature a reader photo on our home page. The congratulations this week goes to Andrew Abbott for his picture of a baby Ring-tailed Lemur.


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