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Wildlife, dolphin and whale watching in New Zealand

New Zealand has a unique place in the world of wildlife containing extraordinary levels of endemic species, illustrated by the amazing fact that none of its mammals, amphibians or reptiles are found anywhere else in the world.

Extinction and invasive species
New Zealand also has the dubious distinction of being at the top of the league for extinctions. Since colonization by humans some 700 years ago at least 50 bird species have become extinct. Invasive species are the most serious threat to the indigenous flora and fauna but deforestation and wetland drainage are also taking their toll.

Top wildlife watching spots in New Zealand - A guide to the nature and wildilfe & scenic reserves of New Zealand

To show where the wildlife sits in the psyche of this country, consider the fact that the people are nicknamed Kiwis.

Where to watch wildlife in New Zealand.
To see a region by region guide to the nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries of New Zealand, and to where to see wildlife in New Zealand, please click on one of the links below.

This guide will no doubt miss many good places, so please do email us with your suggestions.

New Zealand wildlife and birds - Region by region

New Zealand Wildlife

Wildlife Extra has just launched a guide to where to see wildlife in New Zealand, and this book provides the perfect companion with detailed descriptions of all the wildlife and birds that you are likely to see, including birds, whales, dolphins, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, trees and shrubs, and even some fish.
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Field guide to the wildlife of New Zealand

Field guide to the wildlife of New Zealand

This book covers all the different families and species that you are likely to see, including trees and shrubs. Most species have a smallish image, a brief description and an idea of where you might see them. It isn't an in depth guide, but covers the widest range in the smallest space!
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