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Where to see wildlife in Tasman

Wildlife and Bird Watching in Tasman


These maps are intended as a guideline only; you must check the exact location of the reserve yourself. Wildlife Extra assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or usefulness of the information on this website.


Field guide to the wildlife of New Zealand

Field guide to the wildlife of New Zealand

This book covers all the different families and species that you are likely to see, including trees and shrubs. Most species have a smallish image, a brief description and an idea of where you might see them. It isn't an in depth guide, but covers the widest range in the smallest space!
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Australian Wildlife

Australian Wildlife - Bradt

Australia must rank alongside Madagascar for the quantity of endemic and weird species. It is a vast country with huge variations; best known for its deserts and Great Barrier Reef, it also has tropical rainforests, several ranges of snowy mountains, wetlands, swamps, mangroves and great marine ecosystems.
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