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Waipapa ecological area

Waipapa Ecological Area, in Pureora Forest Park is a great place to see native New Zealand birdlife, with virgin podocarp forest. An intensive pest control has improved the health of the forest and and increased the populations of native wildlife. Bait stations are filled with poison bait between September and April each year, targeting possums and rats. The possums have all but gone and rat numbers are controlled every year.

The area contains New Zealand's largest kaka population with over 800 birds. Kereru also continue to be abundant, with 3500 being counted in one 1200 hectare study block, while robins continue to have a high nesting success (around 80%). There are 77 pairs of kokako in the managed forest; the second largest kokako population in New Zealand.

The abundance of North Island robins has enabled the transfer and relocation of robins to other sites within the Waikato region.

Highlights: Reliable viewing of kaka, yellow crowned kakariki, kokako, whitehead, kereru, rifleman, North Island robin.

Location: Pureora Forest Park

straddles State Highway 30 about 50 kilomtres north west of Taupo.

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